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May is Mental Health Awareness Month: Much to Be Aware Of

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and when it comes to mental health, there is a lot to be aware of. It’s fitting that May is the month dedicated to increasing awareness of mental health. Spring is in full bloom. Buds are unfurling. Grass is greening and growing. Birds are singing and animals frolicking. Flowers are blossoming. The world is so beautiful in the spring because the sun shines and warms; also, the rain falls and cools. Spring is wonderful to enjoy; also, spring can bring allergies and misery. Spring is neither all good nor all bad. Being aware of spring’s positives and negatives can help us keep it in perspective, to enjoy the positives despite the negatives. I love that May, springtime, is Mental Health Awareness Month. The nature of spring is similar to mental health. Just as being aware of all facets of spring can help us live the season fully, so too can being aware of mental health help us live fully despite challenges and even mental illness.

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