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The Morning Magic 5-Minute Journal

The Morning Magic 5-Minute Journal Set positive intentions to live with gratitude each day - daily journal pages and inspiration pages to help you choose what’s important to you and move it to the forefront of your life

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Losing Elizabeth

Losing Elizabeth Middle grade readers and beyond travel with high school junior Elizabeth Carter on a tumultuous journey filled with both joy and pain that ultimately is a search for love, friendship, and identity. - What do you like? Who…

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Twenty-Four Shadows

Twenty-Four Shadows Immerse yourself in the thought processes and erratic habits of a regular man dealing with life-altering mental illness. An empathetic, insightful glimpse into dissociative identity disorder.

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Behind Silent Smiles

Behind Silent Smiles A tale, inspired by a true story, of a woman who would not become bitter - She can love others deeply in spite of unspeakable loss and abuse, but is she capable of giving herself the love…

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