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Twenty-Four Shadows

In her eye-opening and heartrending fourth novel, award winning author Tanya J. Peterson takes us inside the anguished mind of Isaac Bittman — an average family man whose mysterious mood swings, many of which he cannot remember, begin to unravel the lives of those closest to him. After a series of bizarre encounters reveals that his personality has split into alternate parts, he begins treatment at a revolutionary mental health facility. The novel intricately weaves together Isaac’s internal angst and his wife and best friend’s struggles to retain both a private and public semblance of normalcy.

Stark and realistically rendered, Twenty-Four Shadows delves into the thought processes and erratic habits of a regular man dealing with life-altering mental illness, providing an empathetic, insightful glimpse into a misunderstood and often stereotyped condition.

ISBN: 978-1-62720-105-6

Retail Price: $17.99 (paperback) $9.99 (eBook)

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“Unique and a consistently compelling read from beginning to end, “Twenty-Four Shadows” clearly establishes author Tanya Peterson as an impressively gifted novelist….[U]nreservedly recommended for community library General Fiction collections…”

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STARRED by Kirkus Reviews:

“Peterson’s language captures perfectly the uncertainty of patients facing a mental illness where all solid ground becomes unstable and threatens to give way beneath their feet…. The book proves to be dazzlingly analytical and delicately sympathetic in equal measure….Few writers possess the courage or working knowledge to draw back the veil on this still largely taboo subject. Peterson possesses this rare talent.” — Kirkus Reviews  (Starred Review)

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RECOMMENDED by The US Review of Books:

Twenty-Four Shadows reads like a dramatization of a real-world case of Dissociative Identity Disorder, thanks to Peterson’s skill at humanizing the disorder while maintaining scientific integrity….This is a must-read for anyone trying to come to terms with a loved one’s mental illness or interested in learning what it’s like to live with Dissociative Identity Disorder.” — Yuliya Geikhman of The US Review of Books

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Twenty-Four Shadows is a must-read. I fell in love with the characters. This book, just like Ms. Peterson’s previous ones, illustrates the struggles of living with mental illness. This is the most effective way to bring awareness of mental illness to the general reader. You get involved in the life of the character and all he is going through. The description of each emotion is so simple yet so powerful. It’s a story about understanding, compassion and love. This book is proof that getting the right support, mainly from family and friends, is the most important part in healing and adapting to mental illness.” — Nikky, mental health consumer, reader, book reviewer

Twenty-Four Shadows is a captivating portrait of the struggle, love and sometimes loss involved with those enduring mental illness. Tanya has created a complex character who takes the reader on a journey through his inner strife. This tale keeps you immured to the very last page!” — O’Donis Person, Psychiatric RN, motivational coach

“As a mental health professional and avid reader, I usually go into reading fictional material based on real diagnoses skeptically as they are often portrayed unrealistically. Tanya J. Peterson’s work is far from unrealistic. It is well researched and delivered in a way that is enjoyable to both the layman and professional alike. I applaud Peterson’s work as it is sensitive to the subject matter and consistently enjoyable to read.” —  Shawn Verdin, LPC, LAC; Program Director – Behavioral Health Unit

“Tanya J. Peterson is an award winning author because of her ability to write about topics that many people find hard to discuss let alone think about. Tanya has the gift of writing about mental health topics and gives a helping hand not only to those who suffer from illness but those who refrain to speak about it and those overwhelmed by the subject matter. Tanya continues to aide humanity by giving everyone a glimpse into the trials of many who suffer from mental health illness. Her books allow the readers to “take a walk in someone else’s shoes” for a short time and by the end of the book delivers a reader who is knowledgeable and often forms a greater sense of compassion for all who endure through metal health situations, whether it be the patient or the extension of family, friends or work associates. Tanya has taken the fear out of learning about depression, anxiety, and debilitating mental illness, domestic violence, and shows what healthy relationships look like and weaves into each book characters in a story you are cheering for and family members you cry for and friends you feel for and each book is an aide to helping each one of us embrace others and we are better because of the gifts she has given to the world.” — Lady Selah SuJuris, Storytellers Campfire

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Honors & Awards

Twenty-Four Shadows

Named to Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2016



My Life in a Nutshell: A Novel

Named to Kirkus Reviews’ list of Best Books of 2014




U.S. Review of Books

Recommended by the US Review of Books: Nutshell & 24 Shadows


Anxiety-Schmanxiety Blog

The Anxiety-Schmanxiety blog I write for won this award.


Losing Elizabeth

Recipient of the Storytellers Campfire Marble Book Award for being a “book which has made a significant difference in the world.”


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