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How to Keep Your Wellbeing During COVID-19

My hope for you, for everyone, is that we keep our wellbeing during COVID-19 alarm and fear. We seem to have entered mayhem globally, nationally, and locally. For your own sake, please don’t panic. It’s hard not to be anxious…

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How to Feel Better About Yourself This Year

  Were you one of the millions of people who chose to focus on improving their overall health in the new year but didn’t know where to start? Don’t worry—you're not alone; in fact, only about 8 percent of people…

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30 Days of Wellbeing Words

  Thirty days of wellbeing words can go a long way in shaping goals and inspiring action and attitudes, and goals, action, and attitudes are ultimately what help us create wellbeing and the quality life we desire--and deserve. Words are…

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30-Day Mindfulness Experience for Your Life, Wellbeing

Welcome to the Wellbeing & Words 30-Day Mindfulness Experience! Mindfulness is a way of being that you can cultivate by regularly doing mindfulness activities. It doesn't remove problems, but it changes our relationship with those problems--and with ourselves. Being fully…

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How Mindfulness Kept Me Stress-Free in an Airport

  Wellbeing and mindfulness aren't just for retreats, spas, and other calm environments. Quite the opposite is true, in fact. While placing yourself in a soothing environment, like sitting in a favorite room in the morning while enjoying a cup…

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