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Mental Health Course for Kids

I’ve returned to teaching and school counseling to create a course in wellbeing!

Mindful Brain, Flexible Body: Wiggle Your Way Out of Worries and Into Your Life!

This course for kids in grades 3-7 (approximate ages 8-12) teaches information, strategies, and tools for dealing positively with worries, stress, and problems in general. Kids learn to respond thoughtfully and calmly to any difficulty rather than reacting emotionally.


  • 40 lessons in 4 sections
    • Introduction
    • All About Anxiety & Stress
    • Mindfulness to Show Up in Your Life and Live Well No Matter What
    • Healthy Brain, Healthy Body to Deal with Stress and Thrive
  • Each lesson contains 3 videos that together provide over 17 hours of instruction and strategies
    • The main lesson
    • An exercise review
    • A breathing, mindfulness, or yoga exercise
  • 72 printable exercises that help kids understand lesson concepts and apply those concepts to themselves
  • A total of 50 breathing, mindfulness, or yoga exercises for students to print and collect in a binder for easy use and practice (40 accompany the lesson and also have a video demonstration, and 10 extra appear in the parent resources section)
  • Links for parents to additional information

Note: While this course is presented in a way that is understandable and relatable to kids ages 8-12, the information is relevant for all ages and useful for the entire family—kids, teens, and grown-ups!

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