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What Will Be Different When You Open Your Window?

Let's face it. Being human is often no easy task. Myriad challenges can greet us on a daily, even an hourly, basis. We face struggles both intrapersonal and interpersonal. There are work difficulties and home difficulties. Illnesses physical and mental…

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Do You Discount the Positive and Feel Inferior?

Do you discount the positive things about you? How often do you feel inferior? Do you take others' words, gestures, and actions to heart, assuming they are being critical of you and using them to judge yourself harshly? A wise,…

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How an Act of Kindness Made a Difference for My Son

Recently, we took a family trip to Disney World. Topping my children’s list of enjoyment was pin trading. Disney sells cute little pins to tourists, and employees throughout the parks and resorts wear their own to trade with guests. It’s…

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