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Welcome to Wellbeing & Words!

I’m really glad you’re here. If you are on your journey to total wellbeing, to feeling both energized and calm in mind, body, and spirit, and are looking for tools, tips, and strategies to learn and grow, you’re in the perfect place.

I created Wellbeing & Words (it’s an evolving work-in-progress) because I’m on this wild ride called life, too. I’ve been anxious and stressed. In fact, my stress and anxiety contributed to some chronic health issues like digestive and autoimmune conditions. I’ve had a traumatic brain injury and several smaller concussions and struggled. I’m a parent (so parents, just yeah). I’ve had relationship ups and downs. So I get it! Our exact circumstances are unique to each of us, but we’re connected in the shared experience we call life.

I’m here to help you get out of your mind and into your moment. When I learned to do that, so many wonderful things happened. I’ve got tools to help you do that, too. Being fully present in each moment allows us to shape it and embrace it. I’ve got strategies for that, too. (If you want to see my credentials qualifications, you can check out my About page. Sometimes it’s helpful to know that people are qualified to share tools. You also might not really care. That’s why I put all the technical stuff in a separate section.)

Feel free to explore here. You’ll find articles and blog posts (the articles are becoming a bit more formal while the blog posts will be more casual with a sprinkling of personal things). You can subscribe to my newsletter to get more tips and challenges (it will come about twice a month). Also, use the links to connect with me in various places online. We’re in this journey together, so let’s grow together! Together, we will live in our moment…not our mind!

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