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Anxiety, Your Hormones, and a 15-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Hormones are chemicals in our body that impact our mental health. Learn the connection between hormones and anxiety, plus get a printable mindfulness challenge.

The causes of anxiety are complex, influenced by factors outside of us and within ourselves. Take heart! “Within ourselves” doesn’t mean that we intentionally cause our own anxiety. It means that there are things going on in our bodymind that influence our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Hormones are a perfect example. We aren’t at the mercy of our hormones or any other internal or external cause of anxiety, though. Read on for some helpful information about anxiety and hormones, and grab a free, printable 15-day mindfulness challenge to help you boost your mental health and wellbeing.

Anxiety and Our Hormones

We have tons of hormones coursing through our entire system at all times. The significance of these hormones is often underappreciated. They’re actually incredibly important life influencers and are responsible for complex process throughout our bodymind.

Part of our endocrine system, hormones are key factors in our mental health and wellbeing, and they can influence anxiety, stress, depression, and so much more. The brain and body produce these chemicals, and when our system is running smoothly, they’re properly released and picked up by the cells in our brains as well as intricately incorporated into the inner workings of glands and organs throughout our incredible bodymind. With seamless hormonal functioning comes optimal mental health and wellbeing (and physical health, too).

However, when our hormones become off-balanced and we have too much or too little of one or more specific types, we can experience a host of problems, including anxiety. If you or a loved one experiences anxiety, learn how hormones may contribute in this informative article by Everlywell.

A 15-Day Mindfulness Challenge to Boost Your Wellbeing

Regardless of what is causing anxiety, you can jump in and say, “Hey! Knock it off. I’ve got this!” There are many ways to treat anxiety, including mindfulness. Mindfulness can even be useful when a hormonal imbalance is at work because living mindfully does many positive things for us, including such things as:

  • Pulling us out of our minds (our problematic thoughts and feelings) and plopping us into the moment
  • Keeping us centered in the here-and-now, positioned and ready to respond to stressors thoughtfully rather than reacting emotionally
  • Grounding us so that the fight-or-flight reaction of the sympathetic nervous system is replaced by the rest-and-digest response of the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Keeping our nervous system balanced, which in turn balances other internal functions such as our endocrine system–responsible for our hormones

Everlywell has created a practical and enjoyable 15-day mindfulness challenge and given me permission to share it with you. Each day suggests a simple self-care activity. Do each one mindfully by giving it your full attention, experiencing it completely with all your senses. When you’re doing an activity and catch your mind wandering into negative (or simply unrelated) thoughts and feelings, gently tell yourself, “Oops! Thinking!” and return your attention to your mindfulness activity.

Enjoy this challenge, and don’t stop when it’s done. Repeat it as-is, or focus on some favorites to develop more thoroughly every day. Download it here: 15-day-anxiety-challange

Hormones are chemicals in our body that impact our mental health. Learn the connection between hormones and anxiety, plus get a printable mindfulness challenge.


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