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5 Mindful Ways to Finish Your Year Strong


Don’t Move on to Your New Year Without Doing This

Pausing for mindful reflection on your year can help you end your year well, content in the now, which will carry you into the new year. In the wake of holiday stress,  many people begin thinking of resolutions for the new year. That’s a great practice to make the new year yours, as it gives you a sense of control over over what your year will be like. This reduces anxiety, powers through depression, and gives us the upper hand in our relationship with mental health. So don’t discard the ritual of creating resolutions, but don’t start them quite yet. There’s still time to finish the year strong.



Tips for Using These Mindful Ways

Do each of these in order, or pick and choose your order. Customize this exercise to make it the most meaningful for you. Suggestions for engaging in these 5 ways to end your year on a high note:


  • Write them down. Use a dedicated journal or notebook.
  • Do this mindfully and intentionally. Even though you’re looking back, you’re doing this in the here-and-now. Be comfortable, have a favorite non-alcoholic beverage handy, light a candle or an oil burner. Draw yourself into the moment so you’re present rather than distracted.


To Finish Your Year Strong:


  1. LIST what went well this year. (Distance can expand our perspective so we see beyond problems and worries, but it can take intentional consideration and time.)
  2. ANSWER this important question: How did I make things go well? List or describe as many things as you can.
  3. DEFINE your values and purpose for the short remainder of the year. The Mindfulness Journal for Anxiety and Break Free: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in 3 Steps help you discover and define your own sense of purpose, for good reason. Fully knowing what’s important to you helps you focus on creating it in your life rather than on fighting with things like anxiety.
  4. ACT and do things to live each moment mindfully, fully in that moment, with your values in mind.
  5. LIVE the rest of the year at your own pace, embracing the present and what’s important to you.





And One More Thing to Remember to Finish Your Year Strong

Every moment is a fresh start. If you don’t like something that happened in your year, acknowledge and accept that it happened, and dismiss it (t’s done, after all). Be mindful now to ground yourself in the fresh moment.


This  journal will help you bring your year to a positive close, and it will guide you into your fresh new year so you can make it yours.




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