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101 Practical Exercises to Stop Anxiety: First Look!

Believe it or not, you can stop anxiety and find peace. I’ve lived with anxiety, and I deeply understand that it’s not something any of us wants to live with. That’s why I love to share researched-based, self-tested and applied ways help. It’s my goal in the books I write and the articles I write online including the Anxiety-Schmanxiety Blog for HealthyPlace (I have more on HealthyPlace and elsewhere online, too). I have exciting news. My latest book, 101 Ways to Stop Anxiety: Practical Exercises to Find Peace, has just arrived at my doorstep. It’s the first time I’ve seen the physical copy of the book, and I’m sharing the moment—and an exclusive peek—with you here.

Invitation to Celebrate This Moment with Me!

To celebrate the arrival of this new book and to let you see inside before it’s released online and in bookstores, I made this video of the opening, unboxing, and initial exploring of 101 Ways to Stop Anxiety. I invite you to watch it and enjoy the moment with me.

This book peek was brief because it really was my first time thumbing through it, and I (obviously) didn’t take time to intentionally showcase anything specific. If I had, I would have stopped at number 28 from the section entitled “Anxiety at Work or School.” It’s one of my favorites!

This exercise actually has nothing to do with food. It’s about feeling like we have choices (and making sure we have a say in our lives).

Note: I recorded this video on February 4, 2020, and the book will be released into the world this month. If you’re catching this later, you’re still invited to see this first look before you buy it. It’s never too late to join the celebration.


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