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What is Mindfulness? 6 Mindfulness Facts: An Infographic

Mindfulness. What, exactly, is it? We hear the term often, but there is much about it that remains a mystery. Beyond living in the present moment, what is the practice? The more we know (I’m always learning), the better we can use it to decrease anxiety or other challenges and cultivate our lives of wellbeing.

What is Mindfulness? What Is It Not? 3 Answers

Knowing some facts about the science and art of being present is an important step in using it to make the improvements in yourself and your life that you want to make. In the spirit of celebrating The Mindfulness WorkbookI’ve created an infographic for a quick look at this wellbeing-enhancing practice. These facts about what this state of being is and is not are taken from information in the book. The book contains much more than these three ideas, of course, but this preview shows you a few key concepts.

What, exactly, is mindfulness? It's a term we hear often lately, but there are misconceptions about it. This infographic is a peek at what it is and isn't.


The workbook offers a structured, eight-week programs of exercises and meditations for learning about both anxiety and mindfulness. You’ll learn practical strategies for applying mindfulness and other tools to the daily situations that cause you stress and anxiety.

This workbook requires no prior experience with mindfulness. In fact, you learn that a beginner’s mind is a desirable mindset to have. Get ready to actively dive in and begin to live a healthy, mindful life!

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