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Wellbeing: There's a Radio Show to Empower You for That

Wellbeing is something in reach of each and every one of us, and there’s a radio show to empower you for just that: creating your own wellbeing, your own life worth living. My radio show, Wellbeing & Words, is a monthly show that provides information and inspiration to help us all craft the lives we each want to live.

What, Exactly, is Wellbeing?

Technically, wellbeing is the state of being well, but that just breaks down the word. It doesn’t do justice to the concept. There’s much more to wellbeing than a simple definition, just like there is so much more to each and every one of us than a description or a list of what we do. A few key principles that comprise the complex state we call wellbeing:

  • Wellbeing doesn’t mean the absence of problems, challenges, and hardships.
  • Wellbeing is empowering yourself to thrive despite those things. People can create their own life worth living, and thus experience wellbeing, no matter what challenges they face.
  • Wellbeing is an attitude, a mind-set, a determination.
  • Wellbeing is action.
  • Wellbeing is experiencing physical health and mental health as they apply to you personally. People face illnesses, but within the parameters of the illness, we can empower ourselves. I had a friend who was diagnosed with rapidly spreading cancer. Determined to live to the fullest what was left of his life, he continued to take walks with his wife to enjoy his world and his love. The walks grew shorter until he no longer had the strength for them. He got himself a walker so he could move in and out of the house, and he would shuffle outside and enjoy the fresh air with his wife. Cancer did impose cruel limits on my friend, but he took action to thrive in spite of it. This man empowered himself to have wellbeing until the end.

Where Does Wellbeing Come From?
Wellbeing comes from being human. Wellbeing comes from having the grit, determination, and resilience to, in the face of challenges, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again (that’s a phrase from Captain Kangaroo that has empowered me since I was four years old).
Wellbeing also involves action. Action, in fact, is the main ingredient in wellbeing. What little things can you do every day to live your values and accomplish your important goals?

One key to living a high-quality life is to take action that will move you toward your values and goals, no matter what difficulties and negative situations you may be facing. Accept the challenges and keep going!” — Break Free: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in 3 Steps.


A Radio Show to Empower You to Create Wellbeing

Wellbeing involves a set of tools to orchestrate attitude, mind-set, action, and more. The radio show Wellbeing  Words provides listeners with the right tools to enhance their lives, empowering them to create their own wellbeing and live their life worth living.
The Wellbeing & Words radio show draws from the fields of positive psychology, solution-focused therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and more to help you shape and live a life that brings you joy. It reminds us all that en-JOY is an action verb. Every month, I’ll talk with an expert in the field of mental heath and wellbeing to share tips on living well. Many shows will incorporate readings from books—the “words” part of the show. The online shows also incorporate a video or a whiteboard presentation.
Each month the show airs over the radio airwaves on multiple stations as well as online at and, so you’ll have many chances to empower yourself to create wellbeing with the Wellbeing & Words radio show. Take action for your mental health and wellbeing by tuning in often.
Oh, and in addition to being a radio show, Wellbeing & Words is also a monthly newsletter. There are many ways to empower yourself to create wellbeing!
Sign up for my free monthly newsletter, Wellbeing & Words. Each issue is packed with useful tips for enhancing mental health and wellbeing, reading-related tidbits, and updates about my own mental health writing and activities. (I never share e-mail addresses with anyone.) 

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