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Appreciate Beauty by Creating Your Own

Appreciate beauty as a way to enhance your wellbeing. Appreciating beauty helps us shift our focus, and it's a part of mindfulness. If you can't find beauty, create beauty.

To appreciate beauty, to be able to pause, take in the world around you, and enjoy the myriad beautiful things around you is empowering. Appreciating beauty is many things at once. It is a:

  • character strength, something inherent within us that we can develop and use to enhance our lives and the lives of others
  • mindfulness technique to rein in your thoughts and attention to the here-and-now
  • grounding experience that connects you to the physical world (versus the realm of your thoughts and emotions)

By doing the simple act of savoring splendor, you stop your anxious thoughts, worries, stressors, depression, all mental health challenges, and physical health struggles. Certainly, these problems don’t automatically stop and retreat forever when you pause to appreciate beauty. It would be nice, but it doesn’t work that directly. What happens when you pause and appreciate beauty is that you experience a shift in focus and perspective. What happens, though, when it’s hard to find something beautiful to appreciate? 

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