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6 Signs of Toxic Behavior for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month




Toxic or abusive behavior can be hard to spot. For Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, learn 6 signs of toxic behavior.

Teen dating violence happens. This can be hard to believe. We don’t want to think of our teenagers as being victims of relationship abuse, nor do we want to believe our teenagers are behaving in harmful ways toward their girlfriends and boyfriends. We’d also like to think that our adolescents, who are nearing adulthood, wouldn’t put up with someone hurting them. But it happens, and it can happen to any teen. That’s why Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month is essential. Knowing the signs of toxic relationships can help teens distance themselves from them, and it can help parents, teachers, and other adults help teens navigate the world of relationships.

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Learn How People Chip and Confuse: Teen DV Awareness

Chip and confuse is a way that toxic people control others. It's a common behavior in abusive relationships. Learn more about it here.

Chip and confuse is a subtle, sneaky tactic that toxic people use to trap and control others. Perhaps surprisingly, teen dating violence and abusive behavior in toxic relationships can be hard to spot not only from the outside but from the inside, too. People who have never experienced an abusive relationship often wonder why someone stays in a relationship that is verbally, emotionally, and/or physically abusive. Why not just get out? If it were indeed that simple, of course men, women, boys, and girls alike would run, fast and far, away from an abusive relationship and never look back. Unfortunately, toxic people often use words and behavior that aren’t always easy to interpret. Here’s a look at one toxic, manipulative behavior: chip and confuse.

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Teen Dating Violence Awareness: Watch the Love

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month is an important month. Toxic, abusive relasionships develop slowly and sneakily. Watch for these signs of toxic love.

Teen dating violence awareness is vital. It’s fitting that Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month is February, a month earmarked to celebrate love. Love is an experience that, because it’s such a basic part of being human, isn’t always discussed. It’s just there. It is what it is. It’s an instinct. Unfortunately, while love is an integral part of humanity, it not always easy to know what healthy versus unhealthy love is. This is especially true during adolescence, when teens are pulling away from parents, and friends and dating relationships become important but are new territory. As a high school teacher and counselor, I saw too many teens, boys and girls alike, become stuck in toxic relationships before they recognized what was happening. Here’s a look at some toxic behaviors in relationships.

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