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8 Ways to Stop Negativity from Ruining Your Day

You can stop negativity from ruining your day. Bad things do happen, but with these 8 ways to stop negativity, they won't overshadow your day.

Believe it or not, you can stop negativity. Does negativity sometimes ruin your day? Complaints, anger, discontent, and intolerance for differences of opinion are overwhelming. This negativity is omnipresent. It’s on the news, on social media, and in our communities, neighborhoods, and homes. Often, people don’t treat each other with genuine kindness; this can be intentional or, more frequently, unintentional, the consequence of being surrounded by negativity. All of this is overwhelming and exhausting. There’s a lot that is out of our control, but there is more that is within our control. Below, you’ll find eight ways to keep negativity from ruining your day.

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Create Positivity and Wellbeing Even When You’re Down

Positivity doesn't mean only experiencing life's ups and never life's downs. Even in the downs, you can hone positivity and wellbeing. These tips can help.

Positivity. It’s the art and science of seeing the good, of continuing to seek mental health and wellbeing, of knowing that you’re capable of taking action toward a life worth living. There are multiple components to positivity. Perhaps oddly, one of those components is doubt. It’s common, and very okay, to wonder if positivity is effective. Does it have an actual function, or is it just fluff? Does it contribute to wellbeing, or does it only happen once you “have” wellbeing? The short answer: You can hone positivity when you’re down and experience wellbeing despite mental health challenges.

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