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Resources & Recommendations

I’m gathering a list of useful resources for your wellbeing. I add to it often, so return frequently to discover websites and organizations that are dedicated to quality life.

The American Institute of Stress:

The American Institute of Stress is a higly credible and informative source for science-based information about stress. The AIS conducts research and educates the public and healthcare professionals (medical and mental health), providing a wealth of useful resources for managing stress and thriving.

The American Institute of Stress


Education you control! Quality online video courses for homeschooling and supplementing classroom learning for kids in grades K-12—all subjects, including high school electives and mental health.


Choosing Therapy:

Reliable mental health and therapy information created by mental health professionals so you can empower yourself to live your best life

Choosing Therapy


Top-notch mental health information, resources, and support written by mental health professionals as well as people living with mental illness


Dr. Michael Greger presents the latest nutrition science in lively and easily digestible videos and articles so you can make informed decisions about healthy eating for you and your family


How to Talk to Teens About Alcohol

This guide from the National Institutes of Health: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism is a valuable resource for parents. Gain tips for talking to your teen about this difficult but important topic.

Make a Difference: Talk to Your Child About Alcohol–Parents

Addiction Resources for Teens

Discover comprehensive information teen substance use and abuse. Help prevent or treat substance use/abuse in a teen you care about.

How to Help Teens Overcome Substance Abuse

A Complete Guide to Screen Addiction:

This informative guide will help you understand how technology has changed behaviors and offers tips and insights for shifting habits (your own or your child’s) around screen use.

Understanding Screen Addiction and Responsible Digital Use

Don’t Be That Kid! | Lois McGuire:

Retired school superintendent Dr. Lois McGuire offers outstanding and relatable resources for parents and educators. Her books for kids and the adults in their lives are delightful tools for building positive character traits needed to successful navigate and thrive in life.

Don’t Be That Kid

Teaching Your Teen to Manage Uncertainty

In a conversation with Unmind, My Tutor offers useful and informative insights to help you help your teen deal with worry and stress caused by uncertainty and things outside of their control.

Teaching Your Teen to Manage Uncertainty

2021 Mental Health Resources List:

Nursing License Map has compiled this extensive resource list for total health and wellbeing–mind, body, and spirit. Gather information and resources for sleep, movement, nutrition, counseling/support, mindfulness, entertainment, and cultivating a positive attitude.

Nursing License Map

Actively Moving Forward:

Actively Moving Forward is a virtual community bringing grieving people together to heal from loss. It’s a website and app that connects mourners with others in bereavement in their age range and shared life situations for positive growth through loss.

Actively Moving Forward

How to Sleep:

Sleep is an essential component of total health and wellbeing. The Complete Guide to Insomnia and How You can Manage It from How to Sleep is an invaluable resource to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

How to Sleep’s The Complete Guide to Insomnia


A website dedicated to men’s health and wellbeing, Optimale is a helpful source of information specifically to help guys feel their best mentally and physically. Check out their guide to the male menopause (yes, guys experience hormonal changes through life, too!).

Understanding the Male Menopause and Mental Health

Start Your Recovery:

Information and support for substance use recovery

Start Your Recovery

The Recovery Village:

Visit The Recovery Village’s Body, Mind, and Well-Being Resources page for a wealth of important, useful resources.
The Recovery Village

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