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Resources & Recommendations

I’m gathering a list of useful resources for your wellbeing. I add to it often, so return frequently to discover websites and organizations that are dedicated to quality life.

Dr. Michael Greger presents the latest nutrition science in lively and easily digestible videos and articles so you can make informed decisions about healthy eating for you and your family


Education you control! Quality online video courses for homeschooling and supplementing classroom learning for kids in grades K-12—all subjects, including high school electives and mental health

Choosing Therapy:

Reliable mental health and therapy information created by mental health professionals so you can empower yourself to live your best life


Top-notch mental health information, resources, and support written by mental health professionals as well as people living with mental illness

Start Your Recovery:

Information and support for substance use recovery

The Recovery Village:

Visit The Recovery Village’s Body, Mind, and Well-Being Resources page for a wealth of important, useful resources.

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