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CBD for Wellbeing? Is There Anything Real to the Hype?

CBD is heralded for its ability to boost health and wellbeing. Can it really do this, or is this just hype? Here’s my take on CBD and my wellbeing.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is seemingly everywhere and has become a wellness trend. I’ve been prone to dismiss it as just that — a hyped-up trend and just the latest fad offering a quick fix to wellbeing. Recently, though, I’ve changed my mind and embrace CBD as one important component to my quality life. Here’s a look at why.

Not Just Any CBD: Joy Organics

CBD is heralded for its ability to boost health and wellbeing. Can it really do this, or is this just hype? Here’s my take on CBD and my wellbeing.
Joy Organics offers reputable, high-quality CBD products to help you feel great and create your quality life.

I’m not into fads, and I don’t believe in quick-fixes. Attaining wellbeing is a process and a lifestyle. Something as simple as a pill or a few drops of oil can’t magically eradicate physical- or mental health challenges. For total wellbeing and the ability to create and live the quality life that we define for ourselves, we need to be willing to do the work and implement a variety of healthy habits, perspectives, attitudes, and approaches to life.

Because of this core belief, I have typically shied away from CBD products. I was unsure of both their safety and effectiveness. In the past two years or so, I’ve rejected offers by a few CBD companies to try free products in exchange for an honest review. I almost deleted an email offering the same a few months ago. The message came from Joy Organics. This time, I was open to considering trying CBD.

I’ve been experiencing some health challenges. A while back, I noticed increasing fatigue and abdominal pain, but brushed it off as stress. Then, my weight began to drop, and I was excited — I was losing weight (I definitely needed to shed a pound or 30) without even trying! But the fatigue and pain deepened, and the pounds continued to drop off. After starting with my primary doctor and being referred to specialists who conducted multiple tests, I’ve been diagnosed with a host of digestive and autoimmune conditions.

Thankfully, none of my conditions is terminal. By taking care of myself more lovingly, with things like improved nutrition, gradually increasing exercise as my body allows, and better stress management, I’m healing, albeit gradually. When the email from Joy Organics popped into my inbox, this time I was more open. Could CBD assist me on my journey to feeling great again? (Admittedly, I was attracted by the company name, as Joy is my middle name, both literally and figuratively).

Curious but not certain I wanted to try CBD, I explored their website, read a lot of their articles and information, and watched a video of their story. Their information convinced me to try CBD, and their story convinced me to specifically give Joy Organics.

Joy Organics CBD and My Own Wellbeing

After learning about CBD oil in general and this company in particular, I decided to give  a try. I accepted their offer and received a one-month supply of CBD Softgels and CBD Oil Tincture (Orange Bliss flavor). They asked nothing more than an honest review, even if I didn’t care for their products.

I absolutely love the way their products affect the way I feel and how I can live more fully each day, so I decided to do more than just a review. I’ve become a Joy Organics affiliate, and I want to be transparent about that. While I’m not sales-y and would never push anything (even my own books) on anyone, I do like to spread information I believe to be helpful, in both my professional and personal opinion, so people can discover things to consider implementing for their own wellbeing journey. As an affiliate, I do earn a small commission for products bought through links I share, but Joy Organics, who also doesn’t believe in being pushy, doesn’t impose sales quotas on me. I’m out to inform, not to sell. In that spirit, here’s what I thought of the products I tried.

An important note: I saw my primary care doctor before I started using CBD products because I wanted to ensure that it was safe for me to do so given my various health conditions. I received clearance and, a bit to my initial surprise, encouragement. While this doctor didn’t claim that CBD cures anything, he did tell me that research is showing its effectiveness for improving how people with some of my conditions feel (in later posts, I’ll get more specific). I always recommend getting medical clearance before starting any health- and wellness-related regime, including exercise (like yoga–I love yoga and it’s part of my wellness plan, but it’s not safe for everyone), diet, and supplements.

CBD Oil Tinctures from Joy Organics

The tinctures are bottled CBD oil taken with an included dropper. I tried the 30 mg Orange Bliss Tincture.

Tinctures tend to work quickly, which is an advantage, especially when first starting with CBD oil. Less than an hour after taking a dropperful of this tincture, I noticed less achiness/soreness, reduced tingling in my lower legs and feet, more energy, and increased mental clarity and focus. For me, the increased energy wasn’t like a boost from an energy drink or a bunch of coffee/caffeine. It didn’t come in the form of a sudden rush (thus it also wasn’t accompanied by shakiness and a crash). Instead, it just felt like feeling well. It felt natural. This makes sense, as the human body has built-in CB receptors and seeks and uses CBD for optimum functioning.

As much as I liked the tincture that I tried, I did learn that CBD in tincture form (at least the flavored varieties) isn’t for me personally. The flavor comes from essential oils, which is great because it’s natural and essential oils offer benefits of their own. Unfortunately, one of my health conditions is autoimmune atrophic gastritis, which means that my stomach lining is pretty patchy and weak. As a result, my poor stomach is highly sensitive to what enters it, and many things irritate it. I discovered that the hard way months ago when I tried ingesting just two drops of digestive-friendly (for most people) essential oil daily. I was hoping that the essential oils in the CBD tincture would be minimal enough not to irritate my stomach, but sadly, I was wrong.

The overall effects of the tincture on the way I felt were very positive, but the tincture did hurt my stomach. Thankfully Joy Organics offers other products such as their Softgels!

CBD Softgels from Joy Organics

Joy Organics offers a variety of CBD in Softgel form, easy-to-swallow gels taken once (or more — I took them just once per day) daily. I received a one-month supply of the 10 mg Softgels.

For me, the positive effects of the Softgels were the same as those offered by the tincture: less achiness/soreness, reduced tingling in my lower legs and feet, more energy, and increased mental clarity and focus. When I first began taking them, it took a bit longer for me to notice the effects than it did for me to notice the results of the tincture. It was more of a gradual sensation that I was feeling better rather than a sudden ah-ha moment. In my personal experience, though, once I had been taking them for about a week, the effects felt stable, steady. Perhaps having a regular intake of CBD helps the body in a similar way that it needs a steady supply of nutrients like proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

I’m continuing to use the Joy Organics Softgels daily; however, I’ve switched from 10 mg to 25. My own body seems to be more responsive to the higher amount of CBD.

Discover Which Joy Organics CBD Products Are Right for You

Joy Organics CBD products have become an important part of my overall wellness plan (no product or approach on its own can create wellbeing; instead, creating a lifestyle that integrates many strategies for physical- and mental health is what ultimately leads to a quality life); therefore, I’m excited to let you know about Joy Organics. The softgels are my favorite so far, and plan to try other products, too. You can take their quiz to discover what type of CBD product may be best for you and your lifestyle.

CBD is heralded for its ability to boost health and wellbeing. Can it really do this, or is this just hype? Here’s my take on CBD and my wellbeing.

May you remain healthy, happy, and thriving — full of wellbeing and open to each moment of your life. I’m grateful to you — to all of my followers — and I wish you deep wellbeing.

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