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Stop struggling against anxiety and worry, and start taking effective action to let go of them with this guide to personal empowerment.

All the Tools You Need to Leave Your Worries Behind!

Are you exhausted and discouraged because anxiety has ambushed and confined you? Maybe your fight for freedom has only strengthened anxiety’s hold on you. Whether you’ve felt imprisoned by your anxious thoughts and emotions for most of your life or have recently begun to experience them, you can wiggle your way out of anxiety’s trap.
101 Ways to Help Stop Anxiety is your plan of action that gives you the tools you need to break free. With this guide to personal empowerment, you’ll gain:

  • 101 exercises that will help you regain control of the life you want to live
  • Five distinct sections offering practical, easy-to-follow anxiety-beating activities
  • Relief from overthinking everything
  • Ways to deal with anxiety at work or in school
  • Tools to conquer anxiety in your relationships
  • Control over your daily and nightly worries
  • Workable practices to stop anxiety for life

Stop struggling against anxiety and start taking effective action to let go of it. Create a quality life lived without anxiety. You hold in your hand 101 Ways to Stop Anxiety and start living freely and fully. Open your book and start a new chapter in your life.

Available online and in bookstores. Check it out on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Indiebound (a community of independent bookstores).

What the Experts are Saying

“If you live with anxiety, whether it’s mild or debilitating, this book will prove helpful to you. Tanya Peterson’s depth of knowledge about anxiety and how to deal with it comes not only from book learning but from years of having to deal with it herself. So don’t waste any  time. Get reading this easily digestible book and incorporate these 101 ways to stop anxiety into your self-care regimen and start living a better life today.”  —Gary Koplin, President and CEO

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