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Unboxing Abundance and An Invitation to Journal with Me

A box of journals and joy arrived at my doorstep the other day. My copies of The Mindfulness Journal for Anxiety arrivedand for me it was something to celebrate. The box contained an abundance of mindfulness journals that I wrote to provide a meaningful way for anyone to reflect on what they want (your own version of a quality life) and mindfully work past what they don’t want. In the video, I invite you to complete your journal “with” me as I complete one, too. 

Look Into The Mindfulness Journal for Anxiety Early

Previously, I shared a peek into The Mindfulness Journal for Anxiety and highlighted some of my favorite pages. See the inside of the journal before it’s even released! (It will be in hands on December 26 and is available for pre-order now.)

An abundance indeed! An abundance of The Mindfulness Journal for Anxiety with an abundance of exercises, reflections, wise quotes from mindfulness leaders past and present, and beautiful images. Your abundance of quality and room for positive things instead of anxiety is waiting for you.

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