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What is Mindfulness? 6 Mindfulness Facts: An Infographic

Mindfulness. What, exactly, is it? We hear the term often, yet there is much about mindfulness that remains a mystery. Beyond living in the present moment, what is this practice we call mindfulness? The more we know (I’m always learning), the better we can use it to decrease anxiety or other challenges and cultivate our lives of wellbeing.

What is Mindfulness? What is Mindfulness Not? 3 Answers

Knowing what mindfulness is and is not is an important step in using it to make the improvements in yourself and your life that you want to make. In the spirit of celebrating The Mindfulness Workbook, I’ve created an infographic for a quick look at mindfulness facts. These three facts about what mindfulness is and is not are taken from information in the book. There’s much more about mindfulness to be found there, of course, but for a kick-off, take in these 6 facts about mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness…to YOU?

Do you practice mindfulness? Have you heard of it but haven’t tried it? Whatever your experience with it, what do you think of when you hear or read the word mindfulness? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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