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Mindfulness, Wellbeing Tips: A Collective Photo Gallery

Discover reader tips for menal health and wellbeing in this photo gallery to enhance wellbeing. Join in by sharing your own tip. Together, we'll all build a great resource for quality life.

Mindfulness enhances wellbeing. It equips us to deal with what we don’t want, such as problems we don’t have much control over. It also allows us to drastically reduce things that are disrupting our lives, such as anxiety. Pictures reach us and teach us through our visual sense. A photo gallery can bring mindfulness to us aesthetically and show us useful tips for a mindful lifestyle. One that is a collective resource where we all share tips that work for us is a way for everyone to grow. So let’s do it!

For me, mindfulness is something that has helped, and continues to help, me create a quality life, and I’ve worked with wonderful people and have seen mindfulness let them improve their lives. Mindfulness proved to be a calming and empowering tool for students in a school for homeless and runaway adolescents where I worked as the teacher and counselor. It even helped a four-year-old boy in foster care when I was his play therapist. 

Because mindfulness is such a life-enhancing way of living and being, I wrote The Mindfulness Workbook for AnxietyI do things like this through Wellbeing and Words because it’s wellbeing and words!

Words speak volumes. So, too, do pictures and images. This space is a collection of images that feature tips for wellbeing and quality life. It’s a collective work, and we’ll grow it gradually.

How to be a part of the Wellbeing Photo Gallery

  • Write your thoughts about wellbeing—including, but not limited to, mindfulness—in the comments section. Include one (or more) of these ideas
  • Make sure you name is how you want it to be (an initial is just fine, as is your full name)
  • You can include a website, and if it’s relevant/appropriate, I’ll include it and link to it
  • I will turn your tip into an image and post it in the gallery
  • You can share your image and this page wherever and whenever you want to (the page is meant to be shared with the world).

Our Wellbeing Photo Gallery: Tips on Mindfulness & More

A mindfulness tip is to have a beginner's mind. See how a beginner's mind can reduce anxious thoughts. Check out the photo gallery of mindfulness tips.

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