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A Book Giveaway for Mental Health Awareness Month

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, win one of six mental health books in my book giveaway. Learn the details and enter here.

To celebrate mental health awareness month, join the fun and win one of six books in the 2018 mental health book giveaway. Why celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month? Because mental health and wellbeing are something to celebrate. Mental health means many things, but it can be summarized thus:

Mental health and wellbeing mean creating a quality life and embracing en-JOY-ment right now, despite problems and struggles big and small. 

Your life well-lived is something to celebrate. Mental Health Awareness Month is something to rejoice. I’m honoring the month (and beyond) in a couple of ways:

  • With my new website
  • With a mental health book giveaway

I’ll be giving away 6 books (US residents) at the end of the month. They’re a mix of mental-health-themed novels and self-help books.

  • Leave of Absence
  • My Life in a Nutshell: A Novel
  • Twenty-Four Shadows
  • Break Free: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in 3 Steps
  • The Mindfulness Workbook for Anxiety (x2 — I’m giving away two of my newest book, released during Mental Health Awareness Month, 2018)

To enter, watch my website, Facebook Page, and Twitter account for chances to answer questions, take part in polls, and engage in scavenger hunts. It will be fun, because a big part of mental health and wellbeing is cultivating fun every day.

Here’s a chance to enter now:

In your opinion, what should people be aware of during Mental Health Awareness Month? Comment below!

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    1. So very true. And while each person’s battle is unique, we humans share this in common — we all have battles from time to time. So be gentle!

  1. In your opinion, what should people be aware of during Mental Health Awareness Month? Comment below!

    People should be aware of when others are having a ‘bad’ day because of their depression or any other mental illness they may have. It can be something simple as a look in their eyes, the way they answer if you ask something, or body language. People should also be aware of the many ways they can help someone who is having a ‘bad day. Sometimes, all someone needs for for another person to listen to what’s on their mind or even just to sit with someone without talking.

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