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Do Simple Things to Boost Long-Term Wellbeing

Our wellbeing—physical, mental, and the rest of the package that embodies who we are at our very core—is a lifelong journey. We make changes and choices that gradually increase it, and we take action to maintain it. Wellbeing isn’t a one-time deal. There are no shortcuts to wellbeing, mental health, and physical health. 

While there aren’t shortcuts and cheat codes, there are steps and techniques. You can do simple things throughout your day, every day, to increase your wellbeing. When you choose to do such things regularly, you’ll notice positive changes in your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Challenges like anxiety and depression will decrease, and your enjoyment of yourself and your life will increase.

Just because wellbeing has no quick-fix solutions doesn’t mean that it has to be arduous. Building wellbeing involves doing simple things regularly.

In the below video (from my Wellbeing & Words YouTube channel), I offer two such simple things. I invite you to tune in and give them a try.

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