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Mental Health Awareness Month: Nurture Yourself

To kick off Mental Health Awareness Month, here are four ways to nurture your mental health for a quality life. Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! It’s fitting that this important mental health month is in May. May is spring in full bloom. Buds unfurl to become leaves. Spring flowers such as rhododendrons and tulips brighten our world. Spring, and Mental Health Awareness Month, is a time for each of us to nurture and care for ourselves so we bloom and grow.

How to Nurture Yourself During Mental Health Awareness Month

  1. Visualize a favorite flower, plant, or tree.
  2. Determine how you would care for it to help it thrive (what are its unique needs?).
  3. Picture yourself as that flower, plant or tree. Draw it, describe it in a journal, etc.
  4. Develop a care plan. What are your needs and how are you going to meet them?

Taking time to consider your needs for a quality life and meeting those needs, nurturing yourself so you thrive, is an important action step during Mental Health Awareness Month and Beyond.
It's Mental Health Awareness Month. To kick it off, learn four ways to nurture your mental health and bloom.
Here’s a little analogy for you, about a tiny seed:


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