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Another Book Giveaway for Mental Health Awareness Month

Enter a giveaway to win a book for Mental Health Awareness MonthIt’s time for another book giveaway for Mental Health Awareness Month! Five people have already received one of my mental-health-related books, and five more winners will be randomly selected at the end of May. Each will receive one of the books in the graphic on the left.
Mental health means many things, and it means different things to different people. What surprises people sometimes is learning that mental health isn’t the absence of mental illness. In general, mental health refers to the experience of emotional, physical, and overall life wellbeing. Mental health a contentment with who one is and the quality of one’s life.

Defining Mental Health for Mental Health Awareness Month

How we define all this individually can vary greatly. Take, for example, the various characters or information in the books I’m giving away:

What does mental health mean for Isaac in the novel Twenty-Four Shadows?
Isaac Bittman has trouble fully feeling love and happiness. To him, mental health means experiencing these things.
What does mental health mean for Brian in My Life in a Nutshell: A Novel?
To Brian Cunningham, mental health means stepping out of his shell and helping someone despite his anxiety.
What does mental health mean to Penelope in the novel Leave of Absence?
To Penelope Baker, who lives with schizophrenia, part of mental health means working again.
What does mental health mean to Elizabeth in the novel Losing Elizabeth?
To Elizabeth Carter, mental health is having enough good things in her day to smile as she falls asleep at night.
Learn how the self-help book Break Free: ACT in Three Steps can help you define and achieve mental health.
Break Free: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in 3 Steps is a self-help workbook designed to help you achieve your definition of mental health.
To enter this giveaway for mental health awareness month, answer this question in the comments at the bottom:

What does mental health mean to YOU? 

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