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People are Possible: Passions, Purpose, Actions!

People are possible. We all carry within us vast possibilities: hopes, dreams, visions, passions, and much more. We want to live our lives well, to create a quality life that is worth living despite the difficulties that pop up within us and around us. Doing so isn’t always easy; however, we can be mentally healthy and thrive because we are possible. Truly, all people are possible.
Struggle is a part of the human experience, but it doesn’t have to be our only experience. We might experience relationship difficulties, problems at work or in our home life, unemployment, sickness, injury, mental illness and a myriad of other challenges. Yet we are possible anyway. We can make our lives great, full of mental health and wellbeing despite problems.

The Possibilities Within

An empowering fact: We are possible because of who we are. Consider these tips for harnessing the power of possibility within you.

  • Perspective matters.  The perspective we take and the thoughts we choose to accept or let go have a profound impact on our mental health and wellbeing. Do you get stuck to problems, letting them interfere with your wellbeing, for example, or do you separate yourself from the problems? When you can see any problem as something separate from yourself, you free yourself to draw on your strengths to keep moving forward to the life you value.
  • Passions and purpose. What is important to you in life? What do you enjoy doing? When you think of your quality life that is very much worth living, what comes to mind? When you are clear about what you want (rather than what you don’t want), it is possible for you to work toward it.
  • Actions. You don’t have to be a passive participant in your life, letting things happen to you while you react and deal with consequences. When you approach things with the proper perspective and know your passions and purpose, you are ready to take action to create the life you want. You are possible because you have the capability of taking small steps every day to live your passions and purpose, despite obstacles–because it’s possible for you to maneuver around the obstacles.

People are Possible on the Wellbeing & Words Radio Show

Discover how people are possible and how you are capable of creating mental health and the life you want with Josh Rivedal and I'm Possible.

Josh Rivedal, founder of the i’M Possible! Project, is an expert on what makes people possible. Josh hosts workshops and seminars, speaks publicly in numerous venues, writes and performs music and plays, and writes books, all to empower people, prevent suicide, and enhance mental health and wellbeing. His most recent book, The i’M Possible Project: Changing Minds, Breaking Stigma, Achieving the Impossible will be available later in 2017. Josh knows that people are possible, and he shares his perspective on the Wellbeing & Words radio show (also airing on YouTube). Tune into our discussion about making people possible.  Hear Josh read from his new book and enjoy positive, realistic messages about how people are absolutely possible.
Check out this sneak preview:

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