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Princeton Happiness Amplification Project!

Princeton Happiness Project Happiness amplification? What a wonderful concept. Let’s face it. PJS Veste De Printemps Femme Life can be difficult. Add mental health challenges to everyday human existence, and the living of life can become overwhelming, a chore rather than a delight, burdensome rather than happy. Each and every one of us deserves better. We all deserve a life, not free from problems because that’s just not possible, but a life full of passion and purpose and happiness. Asics Gel Lyte 3 Femme Grise Our happiness is there. It’s part of human nature. Unfortunately, sometimes it shrinks into a little ball, hidden by our struggles. Nike Air Max 90 That’s where the Princeton Happiness Amplification Project comes in. Here’s what the psychology researchers at Princeton believe (Princeton Happiness Project info sheet). Nike Roshe One

  • Well-being requires positive interpersonal interactions and support.
  • There are a number of psychological factors that inhibit people from seeking support.
  • We don’t know enough about how these factors manifest in people who are unhappy.
  • Studying this can help society offer people more effective assistance as well as help people utilize this assistance.

Therefore, these researchers are currently seeking people dealing with such things as

  • PTSD
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Domestic abuse
  • Obesity
  • Addiction

The members of the Happiness Amplification Project team at Princeton are looking for “people seeking assistance to raise important dimensions of happiness (through comfort, motivation, affirmation or advice.)” I’ve partnered with this team on their research effort as they explore the nature of happiness and investigate how healthy levels of happiness can be sustained through customized personal interactions. I’ve spoken with a member of the team, and I’m sharing their information and invitation because, professionally and personally, I think their research could be extremely valuable. Again, they’re looking for individuals who feel they might benefit from more comfort, motivation, affirmation, or direction. Scarpe Air Jordan 9 There is no cost to participating, and they won’t be selling anything. If you’re interested in participating, you can contact the team:

I write what I do (both on and in my mental health novels) because I believe in people’s ability to create happiness, purpose, passion, and a life worth living–even people who live with pretty significant mental illness or mental health challenges. This Happiness Amplification Project has amazing potential to help both its participants as well as people down the road who can benefit from its discoveries. In My Life in a Nutshell: A Novel, Brian Cunningham has suffered for years and years with debilitating anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and avoidant personality disorder. Black Red Jordan Shoes He is too intimidated and fearful to reach out for help, and he feels too isolated and alone to even know how to reach out if he wanted to. It wasn’t until human connection is thrust upon him that he begins to heal and see happiness as a possibility. Nike Sneakers The Happiness Amplification Project seeks to determine how people can find and use comfort, motivation, affirmation, and/or advice (human connection) to amplify happiness in their own lives. Nike FootballX homme If you’re interested, touch base and see where it takes you.

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