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Multiple Personality Disorder? Taboo!

Writing Twenty-Four Shadows was a risk. It’s a story about Isaac Bittman, his wife, son, and best friend. Isaac’s bizarre encounters and behaviors lead to the discovery that long ago his personality splintered into twenty-four shadows, or alters, thanks to an extended childhood trauma he’s repressed. Wisconsin Badgers Jerseys Malcolm Butler In the not-too-distant past, he would have been given the label multiple personality disorder. Minnesota Golden Gophers California Golden Bears Multiple personality disorder. Isn’t that that thing where people suddenly become weird? Where they pretend to not know what they did to get themselves off the hook? Where they act on strange or violent impulses and then forget they did it? Is it even a legitimate thing? Such questions are some of the many things people wonder about multiple personality disorder. Images and stereotypes are so outdated that even the very term multiple personality disorder is inaccurate. Nike SB Check Multiple personality disorder doesn’t quite fit what this disorder really is. Aaron Rodgers Cal Bears Jersey The official, term for this very real mental illness is dissociative identity disorder (DID). In all fairness to the many people who hold negative stereotypes about DID, there hasn’t traditionally been much information available about this disorder. 2016 Air Max Pas Cher
Minnesota Golden Gophers Jerseys DID has been largely a taboo subject, so information has come from whispers and secrets and black-and-white movies. People who have DID have become like the reclusive person in the dilapidated house on the block, the Boo Radley (To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee) that children are afraid of and fabricate ghost stories about during sleepovers. The misunderstandings about dissociative identity disorder have made it a taboo subject and the people who have it shunned and sometimes shamed. Oklahoma City Thunder I believe in the good in people, and I don’t think this is malicious or intentional. The above misconceptions exist simply because the right information isn’t talked about. Air Jordan 5 For Kids Sometimes it isn’t even readily available. And starting an open conversation about DID has been very difficult.

What Actually is DID?

DID is a rare mental disorder (an estimated one percent of the population or less have DID) whose only cause is severe childhood trauma. nike air max 90 hyperfuse femme The adult brain can’t develop different identities even after extreme trauma. It isn’t biological, chemical, or genetic; it’s only trauma-based. -To survive, the starfish fragmented.-When a young child is severely traumatized, usually from abuse, he/she might separate from his/herself as a form of escape. It’s a coping mechanism known as dissociation, where someone’s consciousness shifts; for example, someone who dissociates might experience the odd sensation of watching him/herself from above. With DID, a child dissociates and takes on different identities to escape from the abuse. NIKE AIR MAX SEQUENT Maybe the child goes off to a distant and remote place. Often, the identities hold strong emotions that are too much for the child. Canada Goose Soldes Over time, these develop into different identities that, without the person realizing it, manifest themselves throughout life. In Twenty-Four Shadows, Isaac’s doctor describes DID to a confused and frightened Isaac and Reese by telling a story about a starfish.

Writing Twenty-Four Shadows was a Risk

Dissociative identity disorder (or multiple personality disorder, as some still know it) is indeed taboo. nike air max flyknit Femme It’s difficult to understand, hard to believe, and even harder to picture actual people having DID. Sometimes people think DID is fabricated, a dramatic ploy for attention. Mens Air Jordan 10 Other times, people think that people who have DID are unpredictable and prone to random violence. As such, many people don’t want to read a story about DID. Canada Goose Banff Parka Others feel that the topic is cliche or irrelevant. Peruse’s The 10 Best Split Personality Performances in Movies, and you’ll get a taste of the problem, beginning with the fact that “split personality” is not a correct term. GS Air Jordan 3 These movies range from horrific to farcical, and the list even includes The Lego Movie because of the officer who could change from good cop to bad cop with a twist of his head! No wonder DID is not only taboo but mocked and ignored. There’s a chance that people simply won’t want to read my novel about DID. Adidas Original Zx Flux Homme I’m grateful to Apprentice House Press, a university press out of Loyola University in Maryland, for believing in my writing and the story, because people do have a chance to read Twenty-Four Shadows. Parajumpers Windbreaker Trench It’s entertaining, yes, and is about life and love and struggle and triumph. And it’s also about, not multiple personality disorder but dissociative identity disorder and what it truly is for people who live with it as well as their family and friends. This story, if read, just might help lift the taboo.

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