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Take Charge of Life; Achieve Maximum Mental Health & Happiness

As a writer, mental health professional, and person who loves to read, I love to discover great books, fiction and non-fiction, about mental health and well-being. Recently, I fell in love with a fantastic self-help book entitled Maximum Mental Health. I’ve also met its author, Aleks Srbinoski. I’m thrilled to present my review and take on this book (I think sharing great books is a great way to connect people with pleasurable resources, so I occasionally provide book reviews here.)

“Is it easier to feel calmer in a quiet temple or on a busy highway? You might say, ‘Well, yeah, the temple, but the problem is I seem to live on a busy highway.”

Then the question becomes: ‘How do you make your highway more temple like?’”

Aleks Srbinoski in Maximum Mental Health, p. Parajumpers Vestes 17

Mental Health and happiness expert Aleks Srbinoski shares life-changing information in his newest book. Peek at my review of Maximum Mental Health to see what the book is like.What a concept. At its essence, it’s about our maximum mental health. We live on a metaphorical highway, a highway that is busy and loud and chaotic and often out of our realm of control. It can be stress-inducing, and it can weigh us down physically, emotionally, and behaviorally (what we do and do not do). As much as we’d sometimes prefer to live calmly in a quiet temple, we’re on the highway. While we can’t change that completely, we can take charge of the highway that is our life. canada goose jeunesse expedition parka We can indeed make our highway temple-like and achieve maximum mental health. Making our loud, busy, chaotic highway into a place that’s calm, serene, peaceful and temple-like seems daunting and difficult. Enter Aleks George Srbinoski. Srbinoski is a psychologist and an expert in success, happiness, and mental health and well-being. Ole Miss Rebels He has authored numerous books on these topics and has just released his most recent self-help book: Maximum Mental Health: Overcome Depression, Anxiety, and other Mental Illnesses with 20 Principles for Happier and Healthy Living. Canada Goose Gilet Femme Maximum Mental Health is designed to help people find true happiness, enjoyment, and life-satisfaction. In his well-written and very readable book, Srbinoski presents concepts and information in a way that helps readers enhance their well-being and life satisfaction rather than simply managing struggles and challenges. adidas gazelle homme bleu This book is informative and allows the reader to fully understand mental health concepts. The author is a psychologist and thus has a wealth of professional information, and he shares his information with us in a conversational, user-friendly manner. He succeeds in leaving out technical jargon while remaining respectful of the reader (he neither talks down nor attempts to “dumb down” the content). Maximum Mental Health contains excellent examples and metaphors, such at the temple-and-highway question above, to make the information very real. The book is vivid, creative, and logical. ADIDAS Crazylight Boost 2016 Low Just the act of reading it brings joy and happiness! This powerful self-help book offers simple and easy yet meaningful and effective exercises for applying the information. Timberland Chukka Bottes Each section contains exercises that can be done both immediately and in the long-term to allow people to apply practical techniques to increase their happiness and achieve lasting mental health. canada goose gloves What I find effective and refreshing is that the exercises, suggestions, and tips are positive. NIKE AIR ZOOM PEGASUS 33 Rather than “don’t do this” concepts are presented as “discover and do these positive things.” (Such as taking your highway and making it more temple-like) Aleks Srbinoski’s Maximum Mental Health helps people take charge of their own lives. It helps people achieve mental health, well-being, and happiness and to live life with intention. Zapatillas TANJUN Maximum Mental Health is a self-help book that offers practical, realistic, and creative tips for achieving maximum mental health and well-being. As a nationally certified counselor (US), HealthyPlace Anxiety-Schmanxiety columnist, mental health speaker, person living on both sides of the proverbial couch, student and practitioner of positive psychology, and author of award-winning mental-illness/mental-health-themed novels, I highly recommend Maximum Mental Health. This is a user-friendly book that is relevant, valid, and helpful in enhancing mental health and well-being.

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