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Mental Illness, Compassion, Fiction, and Reality

A man named Oliver Graham struggles with PTSD and major depression. He has no one to whom he can turn. A woman named Penelope Baker lives with schizophrenia and thinks she is worthless. Her fiancée William Vaile wants to marry her and face the challenges together, if only she will allow it. Asics Homme A different man, Brian Cunningham, lives a severely restricted life due to anxiety, panic, and avoidant personality disorder. A little girl named Abigail Harris needs Brian’s help if he can give it to her. mental illness, Compassion, Fiction, and RealityThese individuals happen to be characters in the novels Leave of Absence and My Life in a Nutshell. However, they are representative of real-life human beings, people who live with mental illness and those who are connected to them through love or friendship. In writing the stories I do, I hope to strip stereotypes and increase understanding of what mental illnesses really are like. Masterpiece Parajumpers Denali Veste By extension, I seek to increase compassion. To write the novels I do, I draw on my background, my life experience, and my love of writing, and I roll them all together to make the stories and the people in them realistic. I’ve experienced mental illness from the perspective of a counselor and the perspective of a patient. AIR PRESTO Flyknit Ultra I have a degree in counseling and am credentialed as a Nationally Certified Counselor in the US, and I’ve worked with people to help them help themselves. Nike Air Jordan 3
This perspective helps me craft therapy scenes that pop up in my stories. Air Jordan Retro 9 I’m also a patient—I have bipolar I disorder and anxiety, and I’ve experienced a traumatic brain injury plus two “extra” concussions. I’ve even been in a behavioral health hospital on several occasions in the past. That was extremely helpful in depicting Airhaven, the behavioral health center that is the setting for much of Leave of Absence. Airhaven and the characters there are definitely fictitious, but I drew on the reality of my own experience to paint a picture of life in a behavioral health hospital. New York Giants Jersey Further, the anxiety with which I’m so familiar helped me craft Brian Cunningham in My Life in a Nutshell. Kentucky Wildcats Stereotypes, stigma, and fear exist in the world in many ways, toward many different people from many different people. Canada Goose Expedition Parka In most cases, these hurtful phenomena aren’t malicious but are instead born out of a lack of true understanding. Nike Air Jordan Future
When we all begin to see each other as human beings who each is facing challenges, be they based in economic status, race, gender, sexual orientation, or mental illness (or many others), we will begin to empathize rather than judge. New Balance 533 femme Compassion is something for fiction and for real life.

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