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I Love Me, I Love Me Not

It’s Valentine’s Day once again. In case you haven’t noticed, Valentine’s Day is a lovey-dovey day. From grocery stores to home kitchens, window displays to wall decor, signs of love are everywhere. Balloons. Banners. Detroit Pistons Bouquets. Cute. Romantic. Canada Goose Solaris Parka Sweet or sickening, depending on your perspective. Air Foamposite One Everywhere, everywhere; signs of outwardly love everywhere. I love me!Yes, outwardly love. Valentine’s Day is typically about human beings expressing love and/or friendship to other human beings. Asics Gel Lyte 3 Femme What about love for the self, one’s own person? On Valentine’s Day, would it be outlandish to express love for oneself? What would it be like if we were to proudly declare, even if privately, “I love me!” or what about, “Me, I love you!” I can anticipate some reasons people might have a problem with this. GS Air Jordan 11

  • This would be narcissistic!

Actually, to admit caring for yourself is not at all narcissistic. Narcissism is an entire attitude, outlook, and demeanor that affects one’s life and relationships. Narcissism involves putting oneself and one’s desires above everyone else. Air Jordan Spike Narcissism is self-worship. Self-love is merely the acknowledgement that you care about who you are as a human being living among other human beings. Perhaps the strongest case people might have with expressing self-love on Valentine’s Day is this:

  • I love me? (Gasp) I love me not!

Sadly, self-loathing (or even self-I-kind-of-have-a-problem-with-me) is rampant in the human population. Joe Namath Jersey According to Dr. Joe Rubino, author of The Self Esteem Book, 85% of the world’s population suffers from low self-esteem. That means only 15% don’t. This is dangerous. What can happen when we love ourselves not?

  • We tend to put pressure on ourselves for believing that we “should” do this or that or be this way or that way.
  • We might develop a sense of perfectionism that causes extreme stress.
  • We might develop pretty intense anxiety as a result of the pressure we put on ourselves and the accompanying sense of inadequacy. We’re putting ourselves at risk for full-blown anxiety disorders: generalized, social, panic, and specific phobias.
  • We find it hard to forgive ourselves, even for small, all-too-human, mistakes.
  • We might seethe, quietly or overtly, with anger or frustration over our perceptions about who we are/are not.
  • We are very likely to develop depression.
  • This list isn’t exhaustive. More consequences of the inability to say, “I love me!” can be found here, and this list isn’t complete, either.

So on this Valentine’s Day (and any other non-commercially lovey-dovey day), give yourself the gift of love. Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Buy yourself a flower of some sort, perhaps a daisy, and play the traditional French “Love me…love me not” game. But skip the “not” part of it. Pluck petal after petal and tell yourself, “I love me because…” The reasons can be small and silly. Isn’t it the small and silly stuff that we love about each other and the world? The important thing is to love yourself.

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